Group Exercise

All In Fitness delivers group exercise classes all throughout the week.

Bootcamp is a fun, challenging class amongst a friendly & supportive group of participants of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

This class takes place in all weathers so just dress for the conditions, bring some water and I’ll guide you through the session. The group is organised into like fitness levels so you will feel challenged, included, and invigorated as you enjoy an all over blended workout for the legs, the arms, the upper body, core and increasing your cardiovascular endurance.

We use the natural landscape & structures around us, and some portable fitness equipment such as powerbags, skipping ropes, battle ropes, and typically cover 4km of undulating parkland, with the route and content changing every time.

Boxercise is a non-contact activity based on very straightforward boxing techniques, using boxing gloves and focus pads provided, with routines punctuated by bodyweight and cardio activities, such as shuttle running, skipping, sit-ups & press-ups to get that all-over workout. Boxercise increases fitness, stamina, confidence, boosts self-esteem & discipline and lowers stress & anxiety. It’s a hugely enjoyable, popular activity, and with All In Fitness, you’ll be guided through the techniques to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

Each class types last 1 hour, costs £5, are structured to incorporate a through warm-up and cool down


We’ll be planning more exciting classes for you in the coming months and we’ll post details of them right here and through our socil media channels.